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Oanda –

– We treat your operations differently

– We offer narrower margins and customized prices through our premium account offering

– OANDA’s on-line currency trading and CFD trading platform provides fast execution
We offer exceptional execution through our recognized platform

– Automate your negotiation strategies with our REST and FIX APIs.

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Well, as far as I am a good broker, I leave you a small amount of money from this broker …

OANDA uses innovative computer and financial technology to provide Internet-based and currency operations in the information services to everyone, from individuals to large companies, from portfolio managers to financial institutions. OANDA is a market maker and a trusted source for data currency. It has access to one of the world’s largest historical, high-frequency, coin filtering databases. OANDA was founded on the belief that technology and the Internet globalize the market, creating an unprecedented currency need related products and services. Today, the global currency trading market more than 2 trillion dollars / day (30 times higher than the combined NASDAQ and NYSE), in line with the retail trade grows rapidly, a part of that market. It is estimated that more than 20% of the world’s online spot forex trades are made on OANDA’s servers.

Why did you choose oanda?

Oanda has several branches throughout the planet. Oanda USA, Oanda Europa, …

It is a well regulated broker but you must know that it is market maker (if this has not changed)

If you choose the US version you will have to comply with the FIFO (First in, First Out).

Oanda is a good broker. I operated with them a year ago and although I did not do well the real account

Elegi oanda first because it has order book, and it seems a fairly integrated community. My operation is related to this type of information. The spreads are very good, the speed of execution, there is no minimum deposit … and I wanted to try small account. A little all that. I know it’s a market maker.

Thanks to the advice of several participants of this forum recently I started to practice intraday trading in the Oanda demo. The truth is that I feel quite comfortable for its usability and I am considering the possibility of operating with them in real. I started to research the Internet, especially in forums in English, and this is a summary of what is said by the world of bloker Oanda:

Good platform, agile, comfortable and fast
Possibility to operate with minimum amounts
Good spread in general
Company with significant capital and high liquidity

It’s a Market Maker and not an ECN
During the news or in times of high volatility, the spread
Several episodes of manipulation of Stop Loss are described
It is said that some brokers are blocked the screen when they have operations of many pips

I would like to know experiences and opinions about this broker, from people who operate or have operated with them. Especially if they are legal or sometimes they do scam. Also if there are problems or not when withdrawing funds from the account.
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I do not yet have a real account but in the demo I have also had the same experience. Another broker I am considering is MB Trading UK which has some good spreads. Perhaps the worst of the latter is the platform that I find old and complicated. Greetings.

Yes, I have no complaint, although I do not have the other brokers with whom I work or worked, Alpri UK or Activtrades, may have the problem that the commission to withdraw funds is a bit expensive, but if you do not do much Often does not matter so much

The main reason why I opened account in Oanda is that it does not have minimum lots and that allows to adjust the risk to perfection, in addition the spreads are low in general although they vary according to the market schedule

Activtrades I like that in addition to forex offers some cfd on indices and commodities, although cfd are not by far the best product to invest, but hey, for those who can not afford a future are what there is

By the way, I opened account with Oanda US, and when I left the lay that prevented leverage in the gold they wrote me to tell me that they were going to transfer my account to UK, without any cost or paperwork

On the other hand, I operate based on daily charts and 4H, so I am outside the typical problems that may affect the scalpers, so in that aspect I can not comment.

I have opened a demo account in Oanda after researching several currency brokers, I was surprised for good: it is a fast platform because it is created in Java, has direct links to forums, news, calendars, etc. I also like a 1:50 leverage and that it is complex to deposit funds to increase security.

katherin andersonsays:

fucking crap shit does not even deserve to value on this website.

It is a good broker, very reliable, since it is regulated by the best possible agency, the FCA and this gives greater security to its customers.

Evelyn Myerssays:

I like that you can open an account from 1 euro and that you only have one account not thousands of accounts like other brokers who just want to take advantage of their customers.

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