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10 replies on “NBForex”

Olivia Malleversays:

There is not much to complain about when considering all the features of Capital 88. Most of the features offered by the company are focused on its customers. It offers a modern platform with many features and possibilities. It worked for me after 5 months operating with them.

Nyx Rawsonsays:

On Facebook there is a website that they promote, it is but that website redirects towards capital88, this creates distrust for me and although I cannot assure you that they are scammers, this is very strange to me.

In my experience, this broker is not suitable for people who start in the world of trading. Its platform is somewhat complex if you do not have much idea, in addition this broker does not offer quality courses for the newest.

This broker is a scam. They have kept my money! Two days ago I opened an account with them, they convinced me to deposit $ 1000, I did it and then they started, without my permission, to perform stupid operations where I lost a lot of money in quantities of 10 lots. Do not invest with them!


My experience with this broker is not bad, I have operated with CFDs and I am doing well, I would like them to offer better benefits, they should improve but they have their positive side.

Johnny Isbellsays:

Particularly I did not like it, I received all my money back with my request but the agents believe they know more than you, they corner you to do what they want and no business works like that.

Jeremy Wintersays:

It is not a broker for anyone, you have to have a lot of experience and know how to control everything on your own and that should be said in your presentation as a broker.

It is a normal broker, they do not give you great benefits, I would not say that I would bet on them since there are better brokers with more advanced platforms and with better investment offers in their account types.

Nick Sorrentinosays:

They keep your money on stop, it never generates profits. I realized the scam because I work with two other brokers and only with this my money always remained the same and I could never withdraw my money.

Santiago Rojassays:

Debido a la experiencia que tuve puedo decir que este es el peor bróker que existe en todo el mercado, recomiendo que nunca inviertan con esta compañía porque van a perder todo su dinero.

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