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10 replies on “LP Forex –”

They do not work, they only seek to earn money in exchange for large scams.

Phoebe Newtsays:

Do not waste time, the web does not seem professional.

Do not use this broker please, save yourself a great scam.

They sell your information to other companies, they are cyber thieves.

Kenan Michaelssays:

I was scammed for $ 2000 in just one week trading with this broker, I don’t know how to solve this, I’m new to trading.

This is one of the few bad brokers I have found, because I don’t usually try brokers without much relevant information, I took a chance and lost.

The platform does not work, the graphics are bad, margins without utility, in general the worst broker in history.

È un broker di cui non ci si può fidare, cambia i graffiti a suo piacimento per farti credere di aver fatto una mossa e perso, ma in realtà fanno di tutto per rubarti i soldi.

Christian Tarebsays:

Suele ser confundido con otro broker, pero este es el peor que he conocido en el mundo. No inviertan, ni siquiera revisen su web porque están tan bien organizados que engañan a las personas.

The offers they offer do not seem very professional and I recommend that you do not waste time trying to invest with this broker.

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