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Kawase Exchange –

Extreme Transparency

Unparalleled transparency with unique features for Kawase Exchange:

Detailed Orders, Operation Time Line, and Position Market Depth with Real-Time Order Portfolio Values50 Position Field Details

6 replies on “Kawase Exchange –”

I am very satisfied with them. Overall nice platform, it offers everything a Trader wants to trade and above all it has a “less than a second” execution speed. I hope it stays like this.

Great mobile app with even greater execution speed.

As a new trader/beginner i must say this Broker is great for me. Great pricing and very low commissions. Great account manager. In general, everything is GREAT!!!!!

Great trading conditions, and very very nice platform. Surprising after my 2 year journey though quite few brokers I havent noticed them before.

Another “regulated” broker who acts as if he made the rules.
They removed all my exchanges giving some vague justifications as “possible breach of terms.” When they were asked for an explanation, they said “I took advantage of volatility” and opened “too many exchanges.” I do not recommend it.

Daisy Wilsonsays:

Great platform with very low spreads. Indices, stocks, currencies, metals, all on one platform, I use my iPhone more to trade, I tried the application and I can say that it is the best application I have used.

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