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They are scammers. $ 400 invested and after losing them they did not answer my calls anymore, I have no access to anything, no contact with them.

They just want to make money through scams, people who sign up and want to make money. Many people enter with the illusion of generating profits that allow them a better quality of life, than shame with these people.

Angie Wildesays:

For starters, it is not a licensed broker, it is not regulated, it is irregular, they control everything.

Some unregulated brokers are good, but with this broker that doesn’t happen. They provide a bad service and they keep your money.

Scammers, they make you invest more money each time, to withdraw the money they even ask you to invest more money and after that they cancel your account or make it impossible for you to recover your money, or profits, or anything.

They are the worst broker I have ever tried, I am waiting for a warning to be made in all broker regulatory companies, because they are robbing people, they robbed me $ 600 and demanded that I invest more if I wanted my money back.

Luis Palmasays:

¿Ya están abriendo caso contra esta gente? Imaginaos una empresa que roba a mas de 1000 proveedores e inversores y que nadie haga nada, porque a fin de cuentas lo que sobra en este mundo del trading son ladrones. Una triste realidad.

Andrew Cranstonsays:

The company seemed serious at first but after making an initial deposit of $ 1000 they did not answer my emails again and I could not do anything about it to recover my money, do not invest with these scammers.

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