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Genesys Private Fund –

Minimum deposit: 1.000$

 Platforms validated: Metatrader 4

8 replies on “Genesys Private Fund –”

So far I have had good results, the comments of Genesys Private Fund are very good, it is a company that bases its operations on trust and integrity towards its clients and investors.

It is one of those financial institutions that stands out for its commitment to traders, people with high net capital and other users who are looking for investment solutions, but I sometimes suspect that they manipulate the graphics and that my orders do not reach the market, I think they are like market makers. We are looking at the possibility of withdrawing money. But there is no clear communication with them.

Camila Hoodsays:

This broker seems to focus on Latin countries, but many citizens of those countries are being scammed by these brokers that make people invest more and more to scam.

Sebastian tdhsays:

I wouldn’t recommend them with anyone, lousy service, few markets, it’s not what they say, they don’t offer news.

Erick Yorksays:

Spend your savings on you, that is the best investment you can make before investing with this broker, because it is to give them the money and lose it by 90%.

These people manipulate the markets too much, investing with them is losing, the graphics always change shape and so that you don’t notice that they are robbing you but it is obvious.

Olivier Thuramsays:

J’utilise ses services depuis 3 mois et j’ai vraiment aimé l’expérience, la plateforme fonctionne parfaitement et le service technique répond correctement à tous mes doutes. Recommandé

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