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Minimum deposit: 250$

 Platforms validated: MetaTrader 4, Status  

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Albert Russosays:

I was scammed by fxnobels, first I invested $ 200 but then they called me to request a bigger investment, so I risked $ 2,000 and when my account supposedly reached $ 9,500 in earnings I tried to make a withdrawal, but I never managed to do it. Communication was impossible, and then I researched to find out that I wasn’t the only one scammed.

Travis Mortonsays:

The minimum account is 5,000 USD and it seems to me that it is a very high price for new brokers but it is not so, for the rest to operate they must have a large amount of money.

Jennitte Grettssays:

I made an investment with FXNobel but since I created the account I have not been able to enter or managed to contact anyone, they do not give me information about my money.

Diana Mgreetsays:

I know people who have not paid the profits for their operations, they have only allowed them to withdraw the invested capital. How can you report this?

It is not time to try with bad reputation brokers, it also does not offer such good benefits, there are brokers that offer better things than this, I do not recommend it.

Labaron Graysays:

They called me from this company because they want me to invest in them, they call me every day at 9am, but I don’t know this broker I have my doubts and I would like to know a little more about them. Thank you.

Ciro Meretsays:

Quando un broker ha un tasso di ammissione alto come quello di questa compagnia, è perché sono truffatori, quindi consiglio di non correre rischi perché le loro perdite saranno potenziali.

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