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Forex Optimum –

Minimum deposit: 10$

Platforms validated: MetaTrader 4

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After three years I am satisfied with this broker, payments are made on time and there is no delay. Technical problems try to solve it as soon as possible. Crypto accounts are good, and the deposit is a minimum of $ 300.

Nick Lextersays:

It has a great advantage to be one of the brokers that have a cryptocurrency account, when I started marketing there that was the main thing that caught my attention and when I withdrew my money I did it quickly and easily, I can not deny that it was an exchange Nice when I decided to quit cryptography, it still has a lot to improve, but it’s not a bad broker.

I’m going around for more than 15 days. When I said that a deposit to enter a trader was not going to be made to see if something was withdrawn and if I was credited to continue investing, I began to lower the balance and request more requirements for its withdrawal. They’re thieves.

Bad platform, it is not functional and does not have a good reputation.

I wasted my time researching with this company, I didn’t get to register but I could check with their methods they are bad and they only generate losses.

Peyín Lutsays:

Behind most of these brokers are scammers or people who do not know what they are doing and create these companies for the thrill of making money without knowing that trading should be studied.

The minimum deposit is economical but it has too many failures in the operations, the pips are not good, nothing is right with this broker.

Anne Mariesays:

I would not recommend it, I had a bad experience two years ago with them and I found it difficult to recover my money, I made it after months of claims and reporting. I had to get even a lawyer.

Anne Mariesays:

C’est une perte de temps que d’investir avec eux, les pertes sont généralement de 30% et les profits supposés être obtenus finissent par être perdus, des gains de 2% qui n’aident en rien. J’ai déjà renvoyé mon argent il y a deux jours, j’espère l’avoir bientôt.

Lukas Ulreichsays:

Nachdem ich 5 Monate bei diesem Makler investiert habe, habe ich viel Geld verdient und bin mit dem Service zufrieden. Ich kann es auf jeden Fall empfehlen.

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