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Minimum deposit: 100$

Platforms validated: MetaTrader 4  

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Wilson Rexsays:

A practically new broker, based in Seychelles, without regulation. I definitely wouldn’t bet on investing in them.

It is a wonderful broker, it is safe. Your support with the MT4 platform is fantastic for traders who are starting with this. I will recommend it a thousand times.

It’s a normal broker, sure, it doesn’t have much to offer but enough to be good.

Roderick Kirmansays:

There are better brokers than this, but it is not a bad broker, the MT4 platform makes everything easier and more useful.

Danai Cohensays:

Reliable, for small profits without much effort it is the ideal, although I would not recommend it at all since it lacks improvements.

Seth Paynesays:

Good broker, to start in the world of small investments is profitable, but I would soon recommend looking for a better one.

Monroe Charlessays:

I do not have a good experience with this broker, I do not recommend it, it takes a long time to send payments.

Ivan Medinasays:

Mi experiencia con este bróker ha sido excelente y seguiré operando con ellos por mucho tiempo.

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