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After negotiating with many brokers, I decided to try my luck with Fino Spread following the recommendations of a friend, who was negotiating with them for some time. To date I have to say that I think it is a reliable and safe broker, and that is that my trading experience with them has been generally very positive.

Terry Marssays:

Fino Spread has become the first broker for me and remains a priority, it is the most convenient for me here and I am sure of the reliability, since I have checked it many times.

Excellent broker, they offer security to all their clients and I always have the confidence that my money is in good hands.

Mosley Louissays:

6 months with this broker and I had no problems, I recommend them.

Scott Mylessays:

It allows the use of paypal, they don’t know how glorious it is to know this because not all brokers allow it. This is why I love fine spread, it makes it easier to access my money.

The demo account is practically free and this for those who are starting in the trading and trading of CFDs is a great advantage, fine spread offers a good DEMO service and if all are like that, I stay with this broker.

Sterling Youngsays:

The pro account is functional and offer real benefits without showing irregularities, I had no problems communicating with my broker advisor. They are very professional people.

They offer payments through local banks, a great benefit for many in the European zone. I have withdrawn my money twice and have had no problems.

Gohan Brownsays:

It is a good broker, although I am clumsy in understanding the MT4 platform but so far I am receiving help from my broker agent, have patience with me and I appreciate it.

Hayley Marshallsays:

Excellent broker consultants. All very professional, I have worked with two different and have the same capacity to maintain my earnings without generating losses that put my economy at risk, on the contrary my monetary assets are growing.

Vianey Jonessays:

FinoSpread is an excellent broker, I would like them to expand the services a bit more but I have no problem with them. I appreciate the advice of my broker manager.

Jamie Nurisatsays:

It is a very good reliable regulated broker, it pays without problems and the answer to any questions my were not if it was really reliable and if I paid and so far they are very legal and reliable

the best broker that exists in the market. It stands out for its social trading, its commissions are consistent with the quality of the broker.

Denis hallsays:

Trading with the right broker is vital for a successful forex trade and I recommend finospread, it is not a broker known as many others but the quality is the same.

Thomas reddysays:

This broker always offers the best service for its customers. Today, for example, I withdrew $ 500 and it was quite fast as usual. The execution of operations is always high level, which is one of the most important quality indicators for me.

Nikola Medeasays:

Good broker to start in this world. Good bonuses and low commissions compared to other brokers, also offers real winnings.

Moon Adelainesays:

It is a trustworthy broker, and quite safe to trade. Its mobile platform is excellent.

Under my experience he is a very good broker, he offers a large number of ways to invest, his platform is simple and unique.

Rebeka Briellasays:

A robust, good and reliable broker. I have been with them for more than 5 months and 0 problems have given me.

Very good broker, it is a safe broker. It has an exceptional minimum account, in addition to the most complete platform that I have seen in a broker (that I have been operating in different brokers for more than 15 years) and offers very good pre-analysis and analysis information that should be read before operating .

I am an experienced trader and I can say that it is reliable, only not suitable for inexperienced traders and with less than 4 zeros. Excellent broker to operate high volumes.

Ryo Wallassays:

It offers high profitability, has advantages for everyone who registers in the different accounts they offer, excellent Fino Spread broker.

Markus Friggasays:

I have experience with this broker for 10 months. The execution is good, you will not lose any delay operation. The slippage is also normal. I have withdrawn more than $ 1000 without problems and in a matter of less than a day.

Claudë Elizeosays:

Many assets, good spreads, fast withdrawal, low commissions, fast execution of orders, very well regulated … Nothing to object. I recommend it!

Ancel Schneidersays:

Schnelle Handelsplattform Alles zusammen macht mich zu einem glücklichen Trader. Ich hatte noch nie Probleme mit diesem Broker und kann es nur empfehlen.

Santiago Gonzálezsays:

Sin lugar a dudas, este ha sido el mejor corredor con el que he negociado en los últimos 2 años de negociación de divisas. Los diferenciales son muy bajos y excelentes en comparación con otros corredores. Son muy receptivos con todas sus necesidades y son muy amables.

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