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FGMarkets –

Minimum deposit: 99.99$

Platforms validated: MetaTrader 4

11 replies on “FGMarkets –”

It’s a market maker without any doubt, after my bad experience with which I lost a lot of money, I do not recommend putting money in this broker because you are going to lose it with total security.

Steve Batemansays:

They have no experience as a broker and it is evident, they make people invest incessantly and lose all the money manipulating the graphics.

I started with $ 200 and everything was going well until after 3 months, everything started to fail even communicating with my broker. I definitely do not recommend it because it generates losses, since afterwards it is not possible to withdraw the money.

Dante Firstsays:

It is a fraudulent company, and I suggest being very careful or definitely not investing with them, because it is a total loss.

Steven Deansays:

They do not offer security, they are scammers who only want money from their customers.

They are not reliable, they always change the broker agent and never has a consistent answer.

I would not put my money back in their hands, after losing $ 1,000 last year because they never allowed me to get my money. I do not recommend them.

Never invest with this broker, it seems reliable but they do not even offer security in your money, one day it disappears and they blame your own operation when seconds before you had lost nothing, thieves.

Alpha Fordsays:

Bad platform, it does not have enough complements and it is very slow, it seems that it is being manipulated and affects operations.

Harvey Jobssays:

Users are urged to invest a lot of money and withdrawal fees are excessively high. Unhappy with the service.

Investir com este corretor é um erro inteiramente porque eles não são responsáveis ??pelo seu dinheiro e o serviço técnico não responde às suas solicitações quando você tenta solicitar um reembolso.

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