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Etoro –

Trade with confidence on the world’s leading social trading network
Join millions who’ve already discovered smarter investing by automatically copying the leading traders in our community, or get copied yourself to earn a second income!

Trade & Invest in Stocks, Currencies, Indices and Commodities (CFDs).

Investing in the world’s most popular financial markets has never been easier.

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EToro is a relatively new but fast-growing brokerage firm with over 5,000,000 traders in over 140 Countries. Unlike the vast majority of brokers, eToro aims to entertain its clients, while educating and preparing them for the difficult and stressful atmosphere of currency trading.

EToro aims to tackle all these issues by its friendly platform and innovative attitude to trading.

I have been using etoro for a year now. It appeals to me because its very easy to use for a newbie like me.

How much money did you start with?

Put about 1500 in and had 7% gains.

How are the results you have gotten from etoro?

Hello, I’m new to Forex, but I already have 3 years in Stocks and my experience on that page is “Excellent”, I’m going super good, I have not retired but if I have increased my portfolio, I try to increase it fortnightly or monthly according to Cattle, the important thing is to choose the traders who do not have to be the ones who earn the most or risk more but a little of each and my personal opinion does not replicate them ie not take other traders who already own some that your copies because if there is also lost Is going to replicate and sadly you see that your portfolio low multiplied by several, it is true that when there is profit too but I do not wire I prefer to go little by little, in short, my has been excellent and from time to time I place my manual orders . Success!!!

Kinda late, but I want to add my experience. I used it 2 years ago, I made a $500 deposit just to try it.
The copy trading function is great in theory, because you can allocate a certain amount of your funds and copy someone’s trading pattern in the exact proportion, just like having a mutual fund manager whose performance is clearly displayed. However there seems to be a flaw in the system. If you run out of funds, the system will not follow the buy order, but they will copy the sell order, which may result it selling the currency or commodity at lower than purchase price.

Is binary options good with etoro?

Hi, eToro is a forex broker. They don’t have binary options.

eToro is the largest social trading network in the world, they offer over 1100 assets to trade and have over 5 million users over the world.
eToro offers investing in: Bitcoin, Stocks, Currencies, ETF’s, Commodities, Indices and of-curse Social Trading – the wisdom of the crowd!

Hi guys, regarding etoro I’m trading with them for 6 months, I haven’t had any problems so far, good gains, no problem at widrawal.

what is true about etoro? does it really scamming people? how come there are many bad comment around here?

Hi, You know there will be mainly negative comments. But don’t trust everything your read. The majority of comments of people having issues are solved but people don’t come back and write about. eToro is a trusted and regulated broker as you can read in the review above.

I want to plunge into Forex trade but 200 bucks send way too high to invest. Are there similar platforms to etoro with smaller minimum deposits? And is etoro really trusted?

Hi, HotForex has a min deposit of $5 and some only at 25.

Could you explain how my profit is 3$ if I bought EURUSD with 100$ at buy rate of 1.1155 and the current sell rate is 1.1158?

your profit is 3$ = 3 pips, its varies the amount you have invest in your currency. example: 100$ invested: that 1 dollar per pip, if invest 1000$ then each pip is 10 dollars. So your profit of $3, you take the sell rate subtract from your buy rate, you should get the number of pips. Hope that help

Most of people moving out from etoro..First they want big amount to be invested on each trade….this is not good for starter and small invester.charge of pips also high ….find something else.

Very easy to use platform.

Excellent client service.

Brilliant company to work with along with great colleagues who are always helpful.

Alfredro Urbinasays:

I am very pleased with the efficiency of the whole platform, it seems to run like clockwork – someone must be working hard in the back ground.
Also I enjoy the further education syllabus and its flexibility to join in when you can or need to, and, of course, the content is first class.
For me, everything is fine and access to customer services works well.

Gustavo Leonsays:

The platform is user friendly & intuitive. Your Customer Service staff are also knowledgeable & friendly.

An excellent service for a beginner like me.

Etoro has quickly become one of the most interesting brokers and with more active investors, especially in Spain and Spanish speaking countries, that is why we will give you our opinion of Etoro.

Its strong point is its simplicity and the social approach of the platform. From Etoro have wanted to create a social investment platform in which you can follow the evolution that each investor has and even copy them. For this there is a sort of ranking in which you can see the% of profitability that one and another investor has and you can copy their strategy.

With only € 200 you can create your account and start trading with real money. If you prefer to do tests, there is no problem, you can open a free trial account and practice with it, especially so you can see how your social network works and how it works. You can get a lot of performance from this utility, over and over if you are new to the subject and you want to learn from the best or have the same results.

Its advantages are:

Minimum deposit of € 200 deposit
Free demo account to learn everything you need as an investor
Leverage 400: 1
Openbook social network and automatic copy of operations
Welcome bonus of up to 1,000

This platform allows us to easily find the best traders that are already investing in eToro: we can locate them through rankings, very complete statistics and numerous search filters. Once we have selected the ones that interest us, we can connect with them and copy their operations by allocating a portion of our funds. In this way, each operation opened by these traders will be automatically copied into our eToro account so that we can profit by leveraging the knowledge and investment strategies of experienced traders. It is also a good way to learn how to invest by analyzing the trades that each trader is following.

EToro has significantly evolved its social investment network and its Open Book platform in recent years with a clear goal of making it as understandable and comfortable as possible for beginners. The result of this is the acceptance that this online broker is having and that has placed it as one of the most popular brokers, not only here in Spain but throughout the world.G

Etoro is reliable and quite transparent.

EToro is a broker authorized to operate in more than 40 countries. It is regulated by important bodies such as the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) (now one of the most demanding bodies worldwide), the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC), the National Securities Market Commission ) in Spain.

EToro provides a wide variety of possibilities. For example you can deposit comfortably through credit or debit card, Paypal, Skrill (former Money Bookers), Neteller, Webmoney, … or also by bank transfer (for amounts over 500 $).
To withdraw your money is also quite flexible although as a negative point has a commission according to the amount withdrawn (for example to withdraw from 20 to 200 $ the commission is 5 $, between 200 and 500 $ is 10 $ and for amounts greater than $ 500 is $ 25).

Excellent client service.

They have been helpful in the two day I was there I learn a few thing.

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