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ECNPremium –

Minimum deposit: 500$

Platforms validated: MetaTrader 5  

11 replies on “ECNPremium –”

Jada Sproudsays:

I paid a deposit of $ 500. I didn’t do more operations after that, I just opened the account. A month later I decided to withdraw my money and ECN refuses to return my deposit. They are scammers.

The platform in MT5 is bad, it is very slow and not very dynamic. I do not like this broker.

Lovato Davesays:

Brokers like ECNPremium scam their way to the bank robbing unsuspecting customers of all their money and profits.

It doesn’t even look like the MT5 platform, it’s not functional, it doesn’t work. They do not have good access.

George Scutarrisays:

They have a bad organization, non-existent support, scam.

Gareth Westsays:

They say they have a record in Estonia, nobody trusts those numbers, they don’t talk about being regulated so it is impossible to trust a company like this.

Keeping money safe is everyone’s goal, so whoever invests with this company is crazy, they are fake brokers who just want to get all your money.

Megan Yagartasays:

Unreal offers, they become insistent through calls when they want you to invest, once they get your money they stop calling you.

Baloa Adrianosays:

Este é um corretor sem opções, se você tem um mínimo tão baixo, precisa dar o seu dinheiro por perda.

Cesar Augustosays:

Graficos manipulados desde el primer momento, existe un descaro por parte de esta compañía que me parece impresionante.

Marco Perinsays:

La piattaforma che gestisce è molto lenta e presenta molti errori che non vengono mai risolti dal servizio tecnico.

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