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E Option takes pride in supporting investors and their efforts buying and selling options. Our goal is to provide an intuitive, convenient service that allows for users to maximize their experience with stocks, options and many other investment products. How you ask? By offering some of the lowest fees for online brokers allowing investors to keep more capital.


10 replies on “E Option –”

Daniel Euarsays:

It is not a reliable website is a scam.

It’s a broker’s crap. Do not take the time to see the web, it is garbage.

Alert with these scammers, $ 5,000 scammed in a month in my account, they didn’t even wait for it to generate profits.

Account agents are very strange, never give information and do not even know what is forex, dirty game of this broker.

Fox Archiesays:

White-collar scammers, the company belongs to someone of high command, very careful.

Misleading advertising says they will give you bonuses, but it is illegal and they still offer them and when you invest they give you nothing.

Nefarious, the service is the worst I’ve ever had. I only invested a small part but I am angry.

Jean Tostisays:

C’est un sale Broker, ils escroquent et vendent les informations des utilisateurs à d’autres entreprises, attention.

The company information is false and usually those who do this are scam websites so be very careful with this broker.

Ambrose Cantrellsays:

Most of the users who have used their services have been very damaged so I will not operate with these scammers.

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