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Why Cryptopay?

Cryptopay provides an easy, hassle-free access to the bitcoin network, allowing users to utilise all the benefits of a bitcoin wallet with extra capabilities to protect you from market fluctuations and streamline currency conversions.

  • 49505 debit cards issued
  • 224592 active users
  • 94387 transactions processed per month

14 replies on “Cryptopay –”

Cryptopay is strong. They transfered bitcoins to my bank account by wire transfer in 20 minutes this is crazy

Reallly great

Now i have like 2 month since I’ve start to use the debit card and I’m 100% satisfied about it, even if the transaction fees are a little bit higher than i expected.
If you need a way to transform your Bitcoin in cash without any hassle or without depending anyone this is the way..

I recommend with full confidence. The entire experience of signing up with them, ordering my card, the delivery, loading of bitcoins into the wallet and then loading it onto the card was easy, efficient and fast. I was eager to test the card so I immediately went shopping and everything went absolutely smooth. The fee deducted was minimal. I am recommending Cryptopay to everyone in my business network and many have signed up and are happy customers.

very user friendly and differently. nice one

Cryptopay is easy to use and it comes debit card which you can use to withdraw money anytime anywhere.

Not had any issues so far, everything is fast and easy to use.

We can use Crytopay debit card to withdraw cash money at any ATM machine all over the world. Thanks Cryptopay!!

So far so good.
I started to use Cryptopay wallet several months ago with the aim to order a debit card. I am from Serbia and after Skrill stopped his service for citizens of 50 countries (among them is Serbia) I decided to look for a service (company) which I can trust and which can provide me a good and reliable service.
I started to search through forums and sites and then I choose Cryptopay.
And I didn’t regret.
Everything works excellent. The accounts page is great .I can see the equity off all of my wallets at the glance.
I hope that in the future they will continue with their great work and I will continue to use their service.

My friend told about this Cryptopay which is awesome BTC Bank with lowest transaction fee compared to all Other Online BTC Processor.

And Superb Keypoint is we can make multiple Receiving Address to our multiple receiving BTC resources .. and very fast Transactions .. very very Good about it.

For everyone it is benefited but in India we can’t use complete benefits from it..

In India we cant apply to Debit Card which is superb benefit to other countries..

I would recommend this company to anyone who are searching for a debit card for bitcoin with an excellent service.The support personnel has been very supportive,fast and excellent.Keep up the good service!!!

Quick loading.. even quicker transfer betweeen virtual accounts and virtual card.. decent acceprable fee’s (i heard they are going even lower, insider info – so it can just be even better).

Also, what i didnt find out yet is, what’s the limit on paying online? Sometimes plane tickers costs me 4k or more, so would be nice to know using virtual card can handle also a little higher amounts.

Other than than, 10 out of 10.

Solar Melasays:

A very competitive wallet, fast transactions, Excellent Bitcoins portfolio. The only thing against it is that the page is only available in English and has no application for smarthphone.

It needs to expand to be better, customers who are from the United States and India are not illegible for this prepaid plastic card.

Je n’ai pas encore demandé de retrait, je ne peux donc rien en dire, mais le fait qu’ils renvoient des fonds à PayPal est une bonne chose pour moi. Du côté négatif, j’aimerais que la commission soit plus petite.

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