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Core Spreads –

  • Low-cost trading – tight spreads across thousands of markets.
  • Transparent spreads and commissions – fixed spreads give clear costs of trading.
  • Unbundled business model – the essentials done superbly.

If you know your edge, much of what spread betting firms offer are just distractions that generate noise and cost money to provide. Because we’ve done away with them, we can offer some of the most competitive spreads around. And not as opening offers or discounts, but permanently.

  • Bring your edge to Core Spreads and trade for less.

35 replies on “Core Spreads –”

Have started trading with Core Spreads recently and it’s been a good change for me mainly because the spreads are very good. They also sent me a new book on UK shares so that was a nice surprise and unexpected. Will continue to use them.

Opened an account with Core Spreads last Friday and am loving the 0.8 FTSE 100 spread. I have started trading £5-10 per point so it does make a difference. Also the £10,000 welcome offer is good, I should get an extra £300 in my account by the end of Oct! I like the simplicity of it all and would recommend to others.

The best spread bet company by a mile

Started spread betting withe Core Spreads a month ago and i cant believe how good they are. They give you a 50% bonus on your first months trading i got £440 paid straight into my trading platform what a nice surprise.The platform is very simple to use and very efficient.I love every thing about this company nice friendly staff very helpful nothing is to much trouble. I have traded with a lot of other spread betting companies and none of them come even close to CORE SPREADS they are the best. If you are going to spread bet DO NOT use any other company only CORE SPREADS they are the best by a mile. I would give CORE SPREADS 100 STARS IF I COULD.

Glad you’re enjoying using Core Spreads, Denis!

Friendly and easily accessible

Someone always available on the phone ready to help.
Easy to control trades.
Good to see expansion with MT4 availability
Could wish for iPhone chartst to work through 90 degrees.

Clear, simple and good value

Have tried a number of platforms and this one comes out on top for me. No extras, no bells and whistles. Spreads are good, support is also on the ball and they seem to be continually making incermental improvements.
What I don’t like so much:
1) charts good but a bit clumsy and slow so I just use another provider for those – e.g TTT
2) the reward system maybe an incentive to some but it’s just a detail
3) the withdrawal system is prompt but you don’t have an on screen choice of which funding source you want your payment to be credited to.

…..and that’s it. I like them and trade every day – sometimes even making a profit.

Spreads are nice and tight but as they say this is their selling point. The platform is extremely basic and there is regular slippage on orders. This is not a platform for professionals but if you are learning or experimenting on a simple strategy then there are some attractions, including the rebate scheme.


I’ve not used the platform a lot but its been simple and effective.

An easy site to navigate around, with clear information and user friendly charts!

When I opened my account with Core Spreads I was given a dedicated account manager who called me and sent me an email to introduce herself. She asked me to contact her with any issues. I have had the need to contact her on a couple of occasions I always received prompt responses and my concerns were looked into and remedied.
I appreciate this type of service.

When I opened my account with Core Spreads I was given a dedicated account manager who called me and sent me an email to introduce herself. She asked me to contact her with any issues. I have had the need to contact her on a couple of occasions I always received prompt responses and my concerns were looked into and remedied.
I appreciate this type of service.

Easy to use platform but charts are very basic.

Very uncomplicated website but charting package is also basic. I have found it easy to get trades placed but I have had some difficulty getting filled when trying to take profits.

Excellent Platform…
I have only been trading with Core Spreads a few months and find them so easy to use also very helpful with the demo charts it is so easy to return to them if you are not sure of the program you are using. Staff very helpful also no problems when withdrawing money will always recommend them.

I find it quite easy to use and it does everything I expect of it. Also has rewards which help top up your account every month.

good spreads and very good execution of trades.

I have only recently signed up to CORE Spreads and have nothing but praise for their operation.
Their platform is very smooth and very user friendly. As for the suport team – 10/10,
Deposits and withdrawals are very quick and their spreads very low.
I have already recommended them to other friends and hope they continue performing

Is Fantastic service

Core spreads is a great way to trade no hidden agengas or cost well worth trading with.

Great platform that is very easy to navigate and an excellent trade ticket system allowing stops and targets to be entered as pips.

Also really useful to be able to place entry, stop & target lines on charts.

Would be a slight improvement if charts could be full screen.

My experience with Core Spreads….
I moved from another spread betting account to Core Spreads to get tighter spreads. The charting platform took a little getting used to, but uses less resources than others I have tried. Mobile app works on the latest version of Android 5 too. Support is also prompt and accessible. I am pleased with my account so far.

Edgardo Guerrerosays:

It has been for me bad experience with operators.
Costs financing too high
High minimum stake
Numbers instruments too smal.

Good for me, it has been of good benefit.
I like the platform and the staff are helpful.

Good points:
1; Excellent, easy to use platform, with everything one needs available.
2; Tremendous range of products, including best-in-class for UK and US Equities.
3; Prompt and transparent payment of Dividends.
4; Modest charges, with no cost-of-carry on US and UK short positions.
5; Very good spreads, and very modest Margins.
6;Best-in-class Customer Service Team, and Back office Team inspire confidence.
7; “Such nice people to deal with”

Very good rapid interactive interface.

Extremely easy to trade with more information and options than any competitors.

Luis Fernandosays:

Easy to follow platform, all the function I want plus friendly staff on call when needed.

Héctor Torressays:

CoreSpreads is a forex broker. Core Spreads offers the Core Trader and Core MT4 forex trading top platform. offers over 35 forex pairs, plus indices, commodities, and equities for your personal investment and trading options.

Has anyone used the new Core Spreads spread betting platform yet? Thoughts?

Their spreads are some of the best out there:

UK100: 0.8pts
EUR/USD: 0.7pts
GBP/USD: 0.9pts
DAX 1pt

All fixed too

German Gonzalezsays:

Quite a good spread on FTSE and FX there! 0.2 wont make much of a difference to me though since I usually trade FTSE at 1-2 per point, holding a few days to a week or two.

Hello Cinthia..
Yep I tried it – I always like to try the newbies! – Platform is pretty standard – I traded over the figures on Friday and the fills were fast although I was only £1per point. Generally it delivered what it promised – as good a platform as any (except IG)
and decent charts – no frills and tight spreads..why not!

Carlos Arteagasays:

Core Spreads offers excellent customer support, 24/5 via telephone, live chat and email.

Leverage is the difference between the margin put up by a trader and the actual notional value of a trade. Core Spreads currently offers leverage of 1:200.

Commissions & spreads
With this broker, all CoreTrader 2 spreads are tight and fixed resulting in excellent value for traders. EUR/USD is fixed at 0.7 pips, UK100 0.8pips and GBP/USD is fixed at 0.9 pips.

In terms of commission, there is no commission on the CoreTrader platform. On the Core MT4 variable spread platform there is a commission of £1 per lot, again offering excellent value.

This company offers two great platforms: CoreTrader and Core MT4. CoreTrader is their web and app based spread betting platform offering fixed spreads across thousands of markets, and Core MT4 is their MT4 solution (downloadable to desktop and app) available with variable spreads.


What is the minimum deposit to open a Core spreads account?

There is no minimum deposit amount required to open an account. The minimum amount which can be deposited is £10/$10/€10, but this would not be enough to cover even the minimum required margin. Deposit methods include Credit and Debit Cards, Bank transfer and Skrill. Core Spreads does not charge for withdrawals, except for same day UK bank transfers and International bank transfers. There is no inactivity charge.

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