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CMSTrader –

  • Tipo de Broker: ECN
  • Deposito minimo: 500
  • Diferencial de las principales divisas en Forex:
  • EUR/USD: 3
  • GBP/USD: 3
  • USD/JPY: 4
  • Apalancamiento maximo en Forex: 200:1

3 replies on “CMSTrader –”

Wanda Shallowsays:

My advisor to this broker: Sarah O’connel has not called me after an argument, I have not contacted her since March 27, 2019 when I asked to withdraw all my money from this broker.

Johnny Drexlersays:

My experience with cms trader has been up to the right date … a friend recommended it to me and in these 6 months I have to say that my money has gone up as promised. I imagine that when a company has many customers it is impossible to achieve excellence and much less in such a volatile market with so many variants … it is also true that on the internet there is a lot of troll with the intention of crushing, either because of boredom, or directly because commercially it Interested to do it.

Layvin Sidibésays:

Le directeur des comptes que j’ai embauché a fait un travail terrible avec mon compte, en investissant mon argent dans des opérations pour lesquelles je n’ai pas donné l’autorisation. Le plus grave, c’est que je ne voulais pas assumer la responsabilité de ce qu’il avait fait. Mon expérience était plutôt mauvaise et je n’investirais plus. Avec ces escrocs.

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