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CMP24 –

Minimum deposit: 250$

Platforms validated: MetaTrader 4

9 replies on “CMP24 –”

They are not good, they do not allow retirement after investing, be very careful.

I have a very bad experience with them. I lost a whopping 90,000 euros in less than a year. They advise you badly, they manipulate the platform as they want, when you want to close an operation, curiously the platform slows down.

Anne Mariesays:

They change the spreads too much, uploading them whenever they want. When I broke up, they offered me that if I invested more money in the account, they would even help me operate and recover more than 10% of the amount invested, which was false, since I only recovered 500 euros.

They don’t offer any good tools, spreads too high, everything goes wrong with this broker.

They have endless false offers, too bad that novice investors have fallen into their traps and spent money that they will never have back.

They don’t provide enough information from the company or the CEO, they simply say they generate excessively high profits and be surreal with each of their promotions, they don’t believe them.

Samuel Andersonsays:

They say that in their application they offer the greatest amount of detail according to their operations and investment but it is a lie, the application does not work and does not give relevant information.

do not have live chat support, support is sporadic, very bad by this broker.

Rui Bastossays:

O suporte técnico não funciona e as ferramentas não são tantas quanto as que eles oferecem em suas promoções.

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