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Survey done 9/5/2017. Some brokers offer a lower commission for active traders. ChoiceTrade limits you to 250 contracts per leg, maximum four legs per order. Exchange and OCC fees additional. Please see our Pricing page for further details. Options are risky securities and not suitable for all investors. Please read the OCC’s risk disclosure before you invest in options. Barron’s is a registered trademark of Dow Jones & Company.


10 replies on “Choice Trade –”

Tina Franksays:

They should offer an option to do trailstop in option contracts.

They do not offer alerts for when you reach a certain price of the action or option, bad service.

They are not one of the worst brokers I have ever met, but they do not have enough experience to be among the best, they must improve and offer more products to invest, few tools.

Roberto Maneirosays:

It is not recommended for brokers working with robo-advisor, or with AE. They lose out and remain at $ 0 if they use trading programs.

It does not have real-time data for free accounts, the demo account does not show the qualities of the broker so it is not attractive to use.

Jackie Vegasays:

The trading function and in-depth graphics are not adjacent, a platform that is too slow and unreliable.

While quotes are in real time, they require a manual update. Other data is delayed 15 minutes. Data transmission is included in all paid packages.

Signing up for an account requires a lot of time. The user must answer several pages of questions about personal wealth, sources of income, financial affiliations, business experience and investment objectives, and must read and sign four different agreements.

Asher Burnssays:

The execution is very slow and the commissions are too high, I do not recommend using this broker if you are starting in trading.

Blaze Daviessays:

The payments are extensive and are made quite quickly compared to these brokers, the only problem is that the page sometimes freezes.

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