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Capital One Investing –

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7 replies on “Capital One Investing –”

Terrible broker They lose the money they invest.

Rose O'fridgetsays:

The platform is good, too bad this is the only positive.

Drew Portmansays:

Many scammers who take advantage of new technologies to falsify data and create non-existent brokers in order to steal traders, be careful because especially new ones are always scammed for not knowing the world of trading

Cameron Dllassays:

Be very careful with this broker, they are a fraud they invite you to deposit that thousand dollars and then you inject more capital under the pretext so that you can participate in the great investment of buying shares of Apple, Mcdonalds and that they support you with a credit line for 25 thousand dollars and that make you earn 30% of profits but to be able to withdraw you have to reimburse in 4 days the 25 thousand that by the way never return if you pay.

Joe Kunnakisays:

Your website belongs to the tax haven, we do not know the exact record of your office. It is as if it were a phantom and good company, without fixed location and registration we also have no idea what jurisdiction they follow, a broker too dangerous, do not continue with this.

Mike Anistonsays:

The platform is light, it is good, but it has nothing else. It is simply the style of the platform, but the service, spreads, margins and execution are bad.

Chris Bakersays:

I lost all the money I invested thanks to the lousy work that their account agents did.

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