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ATC Brokers –

is a MetaTrader-only broker, offering the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) software developed by MetaQuotes Software Corporation. In the US, ATC Brokers offers 40 instruments (38 forex pairs and two metals), and in the UK it offers 50 (38 forex pairs and 12 CFDs).

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Bianca Savaregasays:

They are an excellent broker, I have been operating family capital with them for 2 years to increase it and I have advanced 30% of what I started, more than I expected. The execution of orders is clear and works perfect for handling large quantities.

Calvin Lëapsays:

They have a very expensive registration fee, they ask for a lot of money. I managed to register in 2016 and it went well, without a doubt it is an excellent broker but you have to handle high figures of $ 10,000 or $ 20,000 to see that it is productive, but you waste your time. It is a broker for professional traders with years of career and a lot of money.

The spreads are very good, almost institutional and commissions are acceptable, on the average of the competition. But they stopped trading with futures when they saw that it was a saturated market, they only operate with CFDs and it’s a shame, it was one of the few good brokers that operated with futures.

It is one of the best brokers that exist, its services are complete and technical support is available in several languages.

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