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American Century Investments –

More than a half century ago, an innovator named Jim Stowers, Jr. founded a small asset management firm in his one-bedroom Kansas City apartment. His vision was to create a company dedicated to integrity, performance and service all focused on one objective: helping investors reach their financial goals.

Relying on $100,000 in seed money from 24 investors, and initially offering just two mutual funds, the company has grown to become one of the country’s top money managers serving financial intermediaries, institutional clients, and individual investors.


7 replies on “American Century Investments –”

I started investing with a money market account and after a few years the family assets exceed 300,000. It’s the family business with this broker, but I’ve tried others just as good.

Excellent brokers, good benefits. After 7 months I have 20% of earnings without strong losses but up to 0.3% I have no complaints with them, they have always managed to solve my problems and doubts in the simplest ways.

Betty Maddiesays:

Withdrawals are as simple as deposits and commissions are not as high as with other brokers, they do their best to give you answers and solve the problems. In February I tried to make a withdrawal and I could not access but they solved the problem very quickly.

Good broker, has everything to keep evolving and be one of the best. They should improve their own advertising.

My experience with this company has been good since I started investing with them 3 months ago, what I like most are the graphics and withdrawals that are very fast. Excellent broker.

Barrie Clarksonsays:

The negotiation tools are excellent and the platform is very easy to understand. It is a good broker.

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