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AlfaTrade is an international trading brand providing reliable online FX brokerage services. With an unmatched reputation and record of lucrative capital growth, the center of AlfaTrade’s success is providing a fully functional business source to its international clients in trading and investment. AlfaTrade also provides its clients with the most advanced platform and know-how to trade on all major instruments.


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Farrell Querosays:

I think this website is no longer operational, it was never known what happened to most users. In 2015, he was listed as one of the brokers that provided the most opportunities.

To withdraw the gain, they need to make a volume of 50 lots and from each lot they take a high profit, they are scammers. They steal you when you decide to withdraw the money.

Nancy Wellsays:

The main task of the company is that the merchant must destroy his entire deposit, and the company will win with the differential. That is the trick that Alfa trade has to steal from people, terrible.

Thur rajnasays:

They say that it is part of the NRG Binary company, which has been mentioned on different occasions in the past as a scammer. You cannot trust when a company has such strong rumors, unfortunate that some trust and end up in broken banking.

Jerry Nolansays:

Easy registration, but I have my doubts after 3 months because I do not see that it is generating profits, only losses and I do not know if it is a bad operation or an error of themselves. I don’t want to accuse them, but I’m worried.

Francesco Mancinisays:

La registrazione e la conferma sono molto lente, richiedono informazioni rispetto a qualsiasi altro broker, penso che facciano un’analisi delle persone che vogliono nel loro broker (persone con molti soldi) e di quelle che non vogliono (persone con pochi soldi)

Bruno Bianchisays:

Cattiva reputazione, non ho trovato recensioni o commenti abbastanza positivi e credibili da far credere che la reputazione di questo broker sia migliorabile.

Withdrawals are very limited, I tried to withdraw via PayPal and Netheller but it was impossible to collect my winnings.

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