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Adamant Finance –

Adamant Finance provides financial services which enable both companies and individuals to trade on the Forex market. This broker was first established in 2014 in St Vincent and The Grenadines with the goal of providing up to the minute technological solutions to enable clients’ transactions to be taken directly to the exchange. Adamant Finance is partnered with funds and large banks and their liquidity is available to the broker’s clients. They also use ECN-NDD technology which allows this broker to offer the best possible trading terms to their clients without any dealer intervention.


7 replies on “Adamant Finance –”

Adrian Brownsays:

Already have they tried TRADER? It is the currency antifraud and the brokers who refuse to accept it generally do swindles to the investors. I have disburdened the wallet for Windows here https: // / *! 4GIHFS4K! W2JR251ul … pNACJD56aQMTF8 already I am mining some.

They do not give answers when you want to withdraw the money, after 3 weeks I am still waiting for my monetary refund.

Denis Marshallsays:

It worked out well for me, although if I see a lot of inconsistencies they still aren’t serious. I don’t generate big profits but the losses are very few, I don’t know if it’s a strategy they have to make me lose.

James Abbadsays:

I submitted a withdrawal on April 11, 2018, but so far the process is still pending. I have sent emails to the support section several times, but so far there has been no response, I never received my money even though I tried to withdraw. Do not invest in this broker.

Dee leppertsays:

After a while the MT4 platform stops working and they do not solve the problem, they give answers saying that they are still trying to solve it but it is not so, days and weeks go by and they do not fix the problem, this is a hoax.

Sallie Kimsays:

There are very few comments of this broker and they all seem false, there are so many doubts that I would rather invest in another broker than do it with them.

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