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Actior AG –

Are you an active dealer or day trader and are looking for favorable terms, fast executions and professional trading software? Then you are exactly right with us! We are one of the few truly independent brokers in the German-speaking world and work together with the best national and international product partners to offer you the products and markets that best meet your needs and requirements.


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This is amazing, TRADER is the best Cryptocurrency that exists!! If they want to mine and to sell they unload the wallet and already it is >> For Windows!4GIHFS4K!W2JR251ul…pNACJD56aQMTF8

I have invested $ 1,200 dollars in this broker and they don’t pay attention to my withdrawal request they ask me for 5 days, again 5 days, again 5 days, again 5 days and so since June they are cheating on me, they don’t give me answers and I realize That his reputation is very bad.

Calum riverssays:

They had my account frozen, without the possibility of making movements. My account came to 1,200 in profit and they took me out of the system they said I had to work from their apps or from a computer all the time, but I always did it from the app and it was the excuse for not giving me access to my account

Allison Cavanaughsays:

They receive money to distribute among themselves the financial advisors, they are not reliable people.

Aubrey Bonhersays:

The way of working of the IB’s of this broker is to convince his clients to invest with them and after they deposit not to contact the users again. They are scammers.

Bert Cowdensays:

They are not reliable because there are multiple complaints in trading forums about their services so they should not try to operate with them.

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