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AAAECN, the standard for quality, exemplifies integrity and security in retail and institutional online Forex and CFD trading. AAAECN brings forth the highest Quality products and services for all clients and customers. Products range from an extensive list of Forex and CFD instruments to our variety of user friendly platforms. Service is adhered to the highest quality based on AAAECN’s 5 Star Service Index.


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I have also been scammed, telling me that the money is stagnant in the bank and I must pay a commission to release it, I have paid everything, like $ 40,000 in total and so far I do not have my money or any response from the broker, scammers in sight .

Carrie Kingsays:

Manipulation in execution, I have nothing more to say to describe how bad this broker is. They scam and rob people without caring about anything else, it is not a broker that I would recommend for anything.

And why is the customer service so quiet? They do not say anything when there are claims, but if you want to invest more money they respond quickly, you notice the manipulation that exists within the clients.

This is one of the brokers that make very large advertisements to be able to scam many beginning users. I recommend that you do not try to use their services.

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