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There are difficulties to make withdrawals from this website and they are also related to the following broker: A3Trading broker, a broker that was repeatedly sentenced as a scam.

Quentin Ardensays:

The minimum investment is $ 250 but later they ask you to invest an amount greater than a minimum of $ 1120 and after that you generate profits but you can never withdraw the money is what many say and a rookie of the bag that resides in Panama He currently confirmed it to me. I was saved from betting on them because I would probably have been scammed.

Aren Breenansays:

I opened an account with them and regretted it. Your trading conditions are not very good despite the fact that with very little money you can open an account, but do not trust that, they are scam.

Amelie Betasays:

I was very disappointed that the platform is slow, it is not dynamic, it should still be developed, since it does not meet all the options it promises. He is a broker who still has a long way to go to be competitive with mid-range brokers.

They are a scam platform and would try to give you promises of lucrative profits to take away your money, do not trust.

Doug Robbiesays:

They are registered on Vanuatu Island, which is extremely infamous for most scam companies because there are very few regulations and only a $ 2,000 requirement to open the trading platform. It is an obvious scam.

My experience is not bad, I was afraid when I started with 70trades, but those fears diminished after I took the time to study the platform, I got the e-books, videos and other materials for those who need a better understanding of the trade in the market, after 7 months I still do well although I do not generate large profits.

Ryan Krugersays:

It offers its customers many tools for merchants of all levels of experience. This means that beginners can get a complete guide on trading on the platform with ease, I would recommend the free version for newbies.

At first you will see your progress and then they will deliberately give you a wrong position and you will lose everything you have, my agent was called Ruther and he never gave me an explanation. I lost all my money with them.

Stephan Caldarasays:

I prelievi sono praticamente impossibili perché fanno molte scuse e le opzioni sono molto piccole.

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