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2dots –

Minimum deposit: 250$

Platforms validated: 2dots platform

8 replies on “2dots –”

Black Nortonsays:

This company is fraudulent, they just want you to deposit money and when you ask for a withdrawal, nobody answers, or emails, or the assistant who calls you every day, his last name is Reyes.

I still have doubts about whether it is a scammer broker or not. I have only received one half of bad comments and another half of good comments, but I don’t like what I have read.

Kevin Dorougsays:

2 months waiting for an answer because I can’t access my account and they still don’t tell me anything. I am so upset.

The same thing happened to me, they do not answer me, they say that my access has changed but I have not requested changes.

Aaron Littlesays:

The typical trick of not giving users access, gentlemen if you invested in this broker were completely scammed, this is what they always do.

Bryan Cartersays:

The web does not offer real information, they seem to be a joke of a broker who makes fun of newbies who just want to learn and win.

I have my doubts, a brother-in-law is doing well with this broker and has been operating for a year, he says it is difficult to withdraw the money but he likes the broker, but my uncle was different with them, his money was stolen. I think it’s a matter of your employees, there are good and other bad employees.

Renato Pereirasays:

Depois de fazer o depósito e entregar meus documentos, eles me disseram que havia erros e, embora eu sempre os resolva, eles sempre me dão uma desculpa para que eu não possa começar a investir, não contrate esses golpistas.

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