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Platforms validated: MetaTrader 4

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William Russosays:

I’m in financial trouble because of this horrid broker. I am about to lose my house because I leverage my card believing in what the supposed broker was telling me now does not even take the calls they blocked me it really is a vile scam people without very bad social conscience.

It is the worst broker I have ever tried in life, the registration is very bad requesting too much information and private information that should not be necessary for the registration.

Cole Birstsays:

It is an unregulated broker, is based in unsafe countries and does not offer security to your money, they have serious anomalies regarding the security of information.

Mandy Centenosays:

The information they offer on their website is contradictory, they are an off-shore broker that does not provide real support or real information, it is not reliable.

Jefrey Hartsays:

I registered because the minimum deposit was $ 50 and is quite economical compared to others, everything was going well in the first month but soon the platform did not give me access and threw error operations and generated losses without me doing anything.

Cheryl Wongsays:

A failure as a broker, there is no control and no information, manipulated graphics, errors, bad service, nothing good to say.

Bartoló Deannosays:

Il n’ya aucune crédibilité auprès de ce courtier, les références ne sont pas certifiées et j’ai donc décidé de ne pas investir. Maintenant, je trouve de nombreuses critiques de personnes qui se sont fait arnaquer. C’est dommage.

Mattéo Lengletsays:

Les graphiques sont manipulés et le service technique ne corrige pas toutes les erreurs de votre plate-forme. Un service moche.

Vincenzo Pavolettisays:

La mia esperienza con questo broker è stata pessima, spesso ho insistito per investire più denaro e le commissioni a me addebitate erano molto alte, al contrario di quanto stabilito all’inizio. Non assumerli.

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