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1000 extra –

With 1000 Extra it is safe. We have the best technology so that traders located anywhere in the world can operate in OTC markets and forex (Forex), offering unsurpassed liquidity and mandatory regulatory requirements to offer the best assistance and quality to our customers.

1000 Extra allows you to trade online in a wide variety of markets, whether futures, currencies, stocks or metals, through one of the platforms most used by the market, MT4, which stands out for its robustness, simplicity and security, allowing easy operation with all the products that 1000 Extra has in its portfolio.


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I have been able to maximize my benefits thanks to the quality and quantity of Forex knowledge that I have been acquiring throughout this year operating with them.

Trace Bellsays:

I started losing and I got scared and more seeing according to comments. Then I kept calm and after a while I started to see the earnings with 1000 extra.

I particularly do well, I have seen everything, but I have been with them for two years and for my part nothing bad to indicate. Greetings and thanks.

Recently I entered that company 1000 extra, I have 3 weeks with them and I only made 3 movements in forex with the mt4 platform I still do not ask for the withdrawal of my earnings but I want to do it. What dou you recommend?

Lucy Galessays:

It is important to clarify that 1000 extra is not a reliable company, since with money laundering from Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama, their accounts are in tax havens, giving as a criminal company that operates as a facade, it is important that people understand not to give your money to these criminals.

At the moment I have a good experience with 1000 extra, I am new to trading and I can easily see the operation they have, I have not yet requested withdrawal I hope to have no problems when I do it at the end of the month.

Although the first month I lost a lot of money, I improved a lot and I did not complain because the services are good but I was not investing correctly, although the broker is very good we can lose money and that is something that not many users understand.

Charles Bagleysays:

I wanted to operate with this broker but the criticisms they have on the internet are very negative and no longer generate any confidence.

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