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Real Forex is a UK Broker ECN which was founded in 2008 and belongs to the company Finocorp LTD, which specializes in providing trading services for both private customers and institutional customers. Like Broker ECN, it offers direct access to large market liquidity providers including 10 of the world’s largest banks such as JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Citibank, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs, among others. In this way, the trader that operates with this company ensures the best trading conditions in the market with respect to price and speed of execution. You can also employ any trading strategy you want, including those based on scalping (quick market entry and exit operations) which are not allowed by all brokers.  

9 replies on “Real Forex –”

The publicity they do is not illegal in theory, the problem is people who are unaware of the matter and are very confident in what they are told, on the Internet they should find some way to prohibit against these frauds.

Samuel Powellsays:

They do not have a reliable-looking website, it seems that they have only been trying to be a broker for 2 weeks. It is not trusted.

The money will not be safe with this broker, they allow you to register easily but after a few days they delete your account and block your contact, thieves.

Jeffrey Prietosays:

This broker is a joke, probably two or three inexperienced in the forex market will have used it, nothing outstanding to say.

Kobe O'nealsays:

Misleading advertising, make people register to take their money. Not reliable as a broker

Janet Greensays:

There are no people who have really used this broker so it creates distrust among people, by name it is probably a ghost broker.

Little known broker, without information, is not trusted.

Gideon Adansonsays:

I do not understand the criticisms that this company has, the majority of users who hire them are very beginners who are not aware that even if a broker is excellent, if you do not know how to invest you will lose a lot of money and that is your fault.

André Semedosays:

Esse corretor não é confiável porque não há muitas informações sobre a empresa e elas não garantem sua regulamentação, portanto, não é seguro investir com eles.

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