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Libertex is a product designed by the international group ForexClub, a broker with nineteen years of experience. Now, this company has more than four and a half million customers worldwide, its monthly operations volume is 54 billion dollars and has 27 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. And continues to expand

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I am a trader in Libertex and I am satisfied with it. The graphics are simple to interact with and the operations can be opened very easily. I have been operating for two years and when I started I did it with 200 €. I’ve done very well.

Marco Luccianosays:

Hello Greccia! I have operated in Libertex for a few months. I like the platform. Only that I still can not establish a percentage of gain greater than 10%. I have friends – partners who have succeeded in well thought out operations.

Juan Salcedosays:

Read this:
“More than 40 currency pairs in the Forex market, more than 15 of the world’s leading stock indexes, more than 90 shares of large companies worldwide and other instruments such as oil, gas, gold, silver, copper, platinum, agricultural raw materials”

I have nothing to complain about, it is one of the most complete and ideal racers for the new operator today. Simple interpretation and with incredible stock market tools. I recommend that every new trader start here.

It seems to be a reliable enough broker. I have never tried it but it seems to me that it has a good reputation in the Forex world and it is interesting to know that its platform is easy to understand.

Well my rating for Libertex is good. Despite being a new platform it works quite well. The only deficiency that has is the educational support, do not have material loaded or supported via electronic mail, otherwise the range of instruments is broad and so are the tools of trading.

Reliable, fast and safe withdrawal, locual qualifies as a good broker.

I already made the demo account in Libertex and I have been operating in the same, it seems very simple for people like me that I am just starting in this type of business. And I started browsing more about the reliability of this broker and there I found this page. In the online counseling chat, ask among other things if there is a withdrawal fee and if there is one. They are 17 with a minimum of 20 (37 even the commission).
Now knowing that the withdrawal is made if or to a bank account, my interest goes to living in Argentina as I can know if the bank would accept this transfer … or where does this money come from? How do I ask the bank ?, and if this money should I whiten it and how do I do it?

José Albertosays:

And have you tried contacting Libertex? Perhaps there is a method of withdrawal type Neteller or credit card. You could also check with the bank’s management for your use.

Every broker has a platform of attention, a support of attention to the user. You must either via email or directly with the live chat ask the corresponding questions.


Hello good day.
I’m new to Libertex, and I already have the demo account.
But I have a question I want to start investing money, I would like to know how much would be the minimum amount of investment and how long does it take to obtain profits?


Hi Valentina!
I am a trader at Libertex, I have been operating for two years and I have made a lot of money.
If you start to operate with € 10 (minimum amount) you will take a long time to make money, and you will not receive the welcome bonus, I started with € 200.
He thinks that in each operation (if you do it well and under normal circumstances) you gain between 10% and 25% of the initial volume of the operation. (If it is a company with 100 € and 10 euros for 25 euros.

Giving you my honest opinion I would not throw myself into the markets if I first had a basis on how the stock works. I recommend that you visit “” and learn to invest and understand the financial markets, but, you are going to lose your money in 0 ‘

Regardless of the broker you choose, do not think you will earn money that quickly and easily. Take your time.

Pedro Vásquezsays:

Yep, but the question was how much was the minimum amount. Why can not you just answer?

The minimum deposit is $ 10. The recommended deposit is $ 50. Leverage is reconsidered. There is a multiplier function in place that works a little differently. Due to advanced technologies, you can not lose more than the amount traded, which is a great advantage for beginners.
There is a demo account by default. Your usage time is unlimited.
There are no spreads or bid / ask prices. The platform instead uses an average price. However, there is a relatively low commission.

What I know about the customer support platform is that it is live, so it is a bit limited. They also do not have a FAQ section or frequent queries. I think it’s something they can solve quickly.

Read this:
Is Libertex Worth It?

If you have a little bit of time to spare, and you are willing to take a look at a new piece of software, which is quite easy to use – you might want to join up. This Libertex review was written by people who are interested in sharing the best money-making methods that are available online.

Libertex delivers, there is no question about it. Trades based from the software are scoring over 88% in accuracy. The key to making money with Libertex is to get started. The longer you debate about whether or not to pursue this path, the less money you can make as opportunities fade into the past. Don’t delay, get started today and see what the future can bring you.

I agree, I was in charge of producing money as I write here right now: P

The strength of Libertex is that it is a product designed by the international group ForexClub, a broker with nineteen years of experience 🙂

He seems to have a very good reputation. Not one bad comment about Libertex.

Santiago De Cubasays:

I am looking for a broker to invest and from what I have read Libertex figure among the best for beginners. I understand that it is solid because it is created by Forex Club Group, which gives me security to inves 😀

It is certainly the best decision you can make. My experience has been very good with them. Recommended!!!

This is the final verdict of a good article that I have read about this broker.
Overall, the trading platform is easy to manage and comes with a wide range of trading tools such as a versatile charting package and dozens of technical indicators. In conclusion, traders should not worry about the reliability of the Libertex trading platform.

Mmm, I still do not finish convincing

Manu Vigíasays:

If you want to invest with this broker it is good to do a good and deep research. It is not enough to read the comments of the forums. Each trader has their own experience.
Invest in the solo when you are really sure.

Hola! Escribiré en mi idioma 🙂
He operado durante 3 años con este broker y me ha dio bien. No me queso de comisiones y spreads porque son bastante manejables, he conocido de otros brokers cuyos costos son muy elevados o que ofrecen ciertos “beneficios” de los cuales, después de invertir no se les saca provecho.
Las pérdidas que he tenido han sido pérdidas de comerciante, la plataforma no presenta fallas contundentes.
En este tiempo he estad bastante satisfecha con Libertex y seguiré comerciando con él.

Éxito a todos!

Thanks for sharing! Good broker

The key advantage of Libertex is that all aspects of trading, such as spreads, margins and lots are at the heart of the system. The trader only decides the size of the position and the direction of the asset. Therefore, newcomers do not need to have in-depth knowledge of financial markets, while professional traders have access to a powerful tool of technical analysis.

That is quite advantageous and very interesting. Especially because it offers different operating platforms, so that the trader can choose the one with which he works best.

Each platform suggests really different deposits. Operating from Libertex accounts is not only cheaper but also reliable and secure.

Well, there is a clear disadvantage in Libertex that may not appeal to some, Libertex does not work with bonuses or promotions. Although this aspect is not very important for those who want to trade for real.

I agree with most merchants here! It is a safe and reliable broker for doing business.

I’m not sure about the spreads, apparently you do not have spreads? It is something I read in one of the information articles, someone can clarify please.

Mateus Fouclysays:

Of course you work with spreads, there is no way that not, only these are variables.

So far efficiency and clarity, I am comfortable, happy and grateful, libertex is one of the best existing broker companies.

Stone Sebastiansays:

For me it is a salvation, they offer the best services for investors, as an entrepreneur it has been useful to deal with them and invest. Thanks to the libertex team.

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